Teachable Review 2021 – Is Teachable still works?

Teachable is an online courses and coaching creation software that enables entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses of all sizes to create personalized, engaging online courses and coaching products that include videos, lectures, and quizzes. Collect payments through Teachable to avoid having to deal with VAT, taxes, and author payments. On a unified dashboard, you can track sales, gain insights into sold courses, and collect feedback through surveys. All with no technical difficulties.

“Overall, I enjoy creating content for this website. If you have any questions, they can assist you and assist you in figuring it out.”
“For starters, it’s fantastic that you can create a course and host it on Teachable for free to test the platform and see if it’s a good fit for you and your students.”
“I like how simple it is to structure the lessons in a logical manner and to provide students with a variety of resources.”
“The payment gateway and the ease with which courses can be created. It is simple to get started, and the onboarding example courses and content were extremely useful.”

“Payout options may be a problem for subscribers outside the United States.”
“They used to market unlimited, but that was reduced to less than 4GB if I recall correctly, and they now have a hard limit of 2GB. Customers were NOT NOTIFIED OF THESE CHANGES.”
“Because teachable is a US-based company, when you pay in GBP, they convert it to dollars, then they convert those dollars back to GBP to pay me, which messes up your income.”
“Their insensitivity to isolated cases where I actually needed them to cancel from their company side, rather than fooling me….and I still didn’t know how to get myself cancelled.”

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