How to turn your interest into revenue with Teachable

In this article, you will learn about the ways and techniques which will guide you in turning your interest and passion into revenue with Teachable. There are thousands of people on this platform who are making money by converting their passion into courses and make money with teachable.

But first of all, let’s have an overview of what Teachable is:

What is Teachable?

It is basically a cloud-based learning management system for bloggers and online educators. This LMS was founded by Ankur Nagpal.

This platform offers you the creative and interactive ways of converting your passion and interests into revenue. You can make a course of the skills and expertise you have and sell it online to a huge market of customers by using this platform. You don’t have to make any efforts in selling your course online. The professionals at Teachable take care of all the things which your course requires to be sold online.

You get money from the course, and they charge you a commission or a monthly fee according to the plan you have chosen for the interaction.

How making online courses is a huge trend?

The pandemic has made millions of people jobless, and most of them look for ways that can provide them with passive earning for good. The people who want to work from home are getting themselves registered with the courses and plans they like to share with the people not only on teachable but also on the various platforms offering somewhat the same services.

People are getting benefits in the monetary terms by selling their expertise in the form of courses online. Their coaching and content offer them passive earning for some longer period of time without making any substantial efforts. The easy process and real earning have pushed more and more people toward this continuously soaring trend.

The Teachable platform is awesome for the people who want to earn money by selling their courses. And students who want to attain access to a place that provides thousands of useful courses for their distant learning at an affordable rate love Teachable because of its credibility and genuineness. All the courses are proven to add value to their life by providing them with engaging and interactive content.

How to turn your interest into revenue with Teachable

Keep reading the article, and you will learn about the answer to this million-dollar question. Most of the time people know what they can sell on the internet, but if you want to use Teachable as an earning platform, you must need some content or a course to sell to the people. It will motivate you more to know that nearly 100,000 creators, sold $500 million+ in online courses and coaching classes for the past six years.

You can also be one of the great sellers on teachable and earn form the thing which you love most. The following are the ways which will help you in identifying your interest, passion and convert it into a course to make money on Teachable.

1. Ideation

Most of the time, people know what they should sell as a course. But to those people who don’t have any idea on how to start ideation is the first step to the journey. Answer the questions and look for the things you have in you and you will get the title and category of the course in which you are good at making money on Teachable.


When you want to sell a course on Teachable, you must look for the thing which you can call your passion. Your passion is the activity which makes you feel happiest when you are doing it.


There must be something at which you are good at. The task or activity which you perform like a professional. This skill could be soft or hard. You don’t need to worry about whether it’s new or old. And never discourage yourself by the number of the seller on the teachable for your course. If you are good at it, your voice and presentation will make you stand apart from the rest.

2. Revenue Goals

Never be afraid of setting your financial goals through your course at Teachable. The goal creation step will keep you motivated in remaining involved in the process for long. And it would also help you in choosing the right plan for you on Teachable.

The people with high revenue goals purchase the business or professional plan that offers them the right amount of resources and access to expertise which makes them get maximum out of the platform and more money from their course.

3. Name the Price

Once you have made your financial goal in your mind. The next thing to do is to decide the price of your course. There is a pricing range for your course to follow. Let’s have a look:

Low Price:

If you keep the price of your course low, you will have to reach a huge number of students in order to fulfill your goal.

Premium price:

The people with maximum revenue goals opt for this pricing strategy. You have to be very careful in naming your price high because if you are not adding value to the life of the people and giving them benefits, they anticipate at such a higher price you would end up losing the students and money.

Medium price:

When you place a moderate price on your course, and it is providing more value, you might lose the students who can offer you more price.

The best strategy is to get a real-time assessment of the value your course provides and adds the price tag accordingly.

4. Create the Content

Now the most significant step of the entire process is about to start. You can’t sell your course without content. It is not a wise strategy to make the entire content all at once. You should take it slow, and the most productive approach is to divide the course in a step by step processes.

Map your ideas and choose any of the content categories you want. Because Teachable provides you with access to upload the followings:

  • Text
  • PowerPoints
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Downloadable content
  • Videos
  • Audio

5. The final step:

Now go the Teachable and get yourself registered. Choose a plan of your choice, and you will get help till the last step of the process. Once you have successfully loaded the course, Teachable team will take care of all the selling drills and techniques to make you earn more money from your course. So you can focus on making more courses or improving the current one. 

Ways to Make Money with Teachable

There are numerous ways to sell your ideas on Teachable in various forms. Some of these are as follow:

Sell Online Courses

You can sell online courses on Teachable. You can use this platform to sell video courses or text-based courses. The teachable team does all the marketing activities for you to sell your course online and earn money.

Sell eBooks

You can also sell an eBook on this platform. Just follow the same routine as you do for creating the online course. Host your eBook and get access to a huge number of buyers and readers for your book who has to offer money and appreciation for your work.

Live Workshops or Live Webinars

You can use social media platforms like YouTube, LiveStream, or Uscreen to embed the video and stream the video directly to your viewers.

You can create a page and display it to the prospective customers to earn money and make it a significant event on the internet.

Sell Online Coaching Packages

You can offer your students personalized access to all the expertise and create a one on one coaching environment. You get money, and your student gets value and personalized experience for their learning.

Review of Teachable

Teachable is the platform which provides you with access to create a webpage and use your passion and skills to share it with others through online courses. You can present these courses in the form of text or video to add value to the life of your students and teach them those ideas. The specialized team of Teachable does all the marketing activities on your behalf.

You don’t have to do anything for marketing, just get yourself registered on the platform and choose any of the plans according to your requirements, upload your course and let the earning process start.


  • Various plans
  • You can choose a free plan to start
  • Create unlimited courses
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable
  • They do the marketing of your course
  • You don’t have to involve in marketing activities


  • Transaction fees
  • Designing sales pages becomes somewhat tiring

The types of plan you get on Teachable:

  • Free trial 
  • Basic – USD 29
  • Professional – USD 99
  • Business – USD 249

Wrapping up

This fantastic platform allows you to make unlimited courses and create unlimited means of earning. You get a 30-day refund policy with award-winning customer support. So follow the routine which we have shown to get the idea about skills you have which you can sell on the internet. This platform will allow you to earn money by selling to a great number of people on the internet through this ever-increasing trend.



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