How To Create Profitable Online Courses With Podia

How To Create Profitable Online Courses With Podia

There is no doubting the fact that online courses are becoming more popular. This is due to pandemic events that have transpired in 2020. Most people are beginning to find other means of earning a living without the need to live in their respective homes. This has led to a sudden increase in the number of people creating profitable digital courses with a reputable platform like Podia.

Do you know that with Podia it is possible to achieve financial freedom through the creation of online courses? Of course, your earning potentials are almost limitless with a trusted platform like this as you will soon find out via the details of this post. It will be revealing everything you need to know about podia and profitable digital courses.

How online course is a huge trend now

At the beginning of 2020, most people would have kicked against the idea of online learning. This isn’t because the traditional form of learning is much better. Instead, they usually find it hard to adapt to new ideas. However, events are changing very fast and online courses are being embraced more than ever before.

For instance, the impact of COVID-19 has made people start considering the option of learning from their homes in a bid to stay safe. Below are some of the reasons why online courses are trendy right now.

1 – High level of flexibility

We are living in a world whereby a high level of uncertainty is the order of the day. The emergence of COVID-19 has created fear in the heart of people all over the world. In order to ensure safety, there is a need to embrace digital courses. These programs enable people to learn from the comfort of their homes without fear of getting infected.

It is now realistic to earn passive income from your bedroom while selling premium courses. All you have to do is develop a well-researched course that people will appreciate. The best part is that these courses will pay you for life.

2 – A wider audience

This is another reason why online courses is becoming very popular right now. People have discovered that reaching out to their target audience via such courses is much easier. Have you ever imagined people from various parts of the world having access to your courses? This gives you the chance of expanding your business far beyond your present location.

Imagine operating a business without any geographical barrier. Again, you can reach out to as many people as possible without coming in physical contact with them. This means you are safe from contracting any virus.

3 – Freedom of time management

With online courses, you don’t have to bother about the ideal time to work. This is because you are always at liberty to choose any time that seems convenient for your work. It is much better than traditional courses whereby you have to deal with the problem of managing time in order to meet the expectations of students.

The best part is that you are more productive. This is because you have the freedom of creating work a schedule. You can even decide to take some time off without being accountable to anyone. It is true that online courses can help you achieve financial freedom more than imagined. However, it can also offer something much better which is the freedom to work at any time you feel convenient.   

Profitable topics for online courses

There are many people who would want to create digital courses. However, the problem is that they don’t know where to start. Do you know that there are lots of profitable online courses to create? There is no need for racking your brains as the details below will reveal some of such courses.

1 – Internet marketing

The world of internet marketing is waxing stronger and stronger. More brands/companies are considering the option of marketing their products online. This gives you an opportunity to show people how they can make money promoting the products of these companies. You can decide to show them how to earn commissions on a daily basis promoting their products.

There is always a market for these products once created. Don’t worry as you don’t have to be a professor before telling people about the dos and don’ts of internet marketing.

2 – Graphic designing

This is another online course you can create. Do you know how to create powerful graphics for companies? Are you aware that people are in search of such skills to achieve financial freedom? The problem is that they don’t understand how to go about the process of creating stunning graphics.

This is where you can help them out through a well-detailed and comprehensive digital course. The best way to make them understand is via a video presentation. You can rest assured that this method will give you lots of positive reviews.

3 – Health and fitness

There are people looking for how to overcome health challenges without any risk. Do you know how people treat diabetes naturally? What about managing kidney issues in a safe way? Do you know secrets on how people can have healthy skin? Provided it is a health topic, you can rest assured that there are people willing to pay top dollars just to access its content.

It is a world where people are becoming very conscious of what they do on daily basis. This is usually in a bid to live healthily. You have the chance to be their hero. It could be a course on topics like meditation, meal planning, nutrition, weight loss, herbalism, skincare, acupressure, vegan cooking, massage, and aromatherapy. The health fitness niche is one of the most profitable.

4 – Information technology

Information technology is always green and you can take advantage to earn your share of profits by creating a digital course on any subject. It could be website design, database management, server management, SMPT creation and management, Java programs, and more. The list is endless when it comes to IT topics.

The world has gone digital and people are searching for how to upgrade their skills in order to keep up with the times. There are two trendy topics in this niche at the moment. These are the internet of things and cybersecurity. If you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of these two topics, there is every chance that your digital/online course will be in high demand. You can also teach people how to create applications for devices.

5 – Business and entrepreneurship

The business world is one that has always been competitive. In order to remain relevant, entrepreneurs are constantly searching for strategies to reach their target audiences. They are ready to pay lots of money for premium online courses that can put their businesses on steroids. Do you know something business owners can benefit from?

It could be copywriting, customer relations, employee motivation, sales conversion strategies, customer retention and others. These are hot topics you can easily create a digital course on. You will be amazed at the results.

Introduction to Podia + Review

Talking about creating an online course that can sell, there is no doubting the fact that you need the help of a reliable platform like Podia. With a platform like this, you don’t need to go through the rigorous process of searching for how your target audience will find such online courses. Below is a complete review of Podia.

What is Podia?

This is a digital platform where online courses are hosted. You can sell digital products and membership courses. This platform has basically been developed to help creators of online courses sell their products. With a monthly fee of $39, you will get unrestricted access to its membership area where digital courses and products can be hosted.

Is podia the best?

Podia is probably one of the best given some of its highly impressive features which you will hardly come across in order similar platforms. Below are some reasons why you will love it:

  • Well refined UX and UI. Complete user-friendly interface
  • As a course creator, there is no restriction on the number of courses you can create
  • There is storage as well as bandwidth for your videos to be hosted. This means there won’t be any need using video hosting platforms like video, Wistia, or even YouTube
  • Course creators can easily set up affiliate programs to earn more money
  • It has a prelaunch mode
  • There is Zapier integration
  • There is a free trial option (14days)
  • Its drag and drop website builder ensures you don’t have to know anything about coding or HTML
  • And many others

Its cons

Having seen the above pros of Podia, below are some of its shortcomings.

  • Funnels and landing page builders are not integrated. This means you may have to use third-party platforms like WordPress and others.
  • The email marketing features aren’t too robust
  • Customization is limited. In other words, advanced users may not be impressed

Final thoughts

Based on the above, there is no doubting the fact that online courses are the future. This is due to the benefits they offer to sellers and buyers. It is the reason why you have to consider the option of creating courses via a trusted and reputable platform like Podia. With this company, the sky is your limit as an online course creator.



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